Natural ways of interaction
Roots in video games, future everywhere
Revolutionary stereoscopic multi-projection system
Fun is the driver for playing, and playing is the driver for learning
Reinvent exhibitions, meetings and events
6th March 2015

Rome: Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector, is interviewed during the TV programme Revolution on TV2000

15th February 2015

Benevento: Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector, attends the VR Day event at Palazzo Paolo V

6th February 2015

Caserta: Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector, gives a speech about the "Global contamination" at TEDx 2015

31st December 2014

Rome: SpinVector is one of the 2015 top 100 most innovative Italian Companies according to StartUp Italia 

5th December 2014

Rome: Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector, gives a speech during the Creative Europe awards cerimony held at MAXXI as winner of Media Programme call for Creative Europe with the mobile title Party Tennis.

20th November 2014

Rome: Giovanni Caturano is one of the first 100 Italian Digital Champions. Appointed during the cerimony held at the Temple of Hadrian in the presence of the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

14th November 2014

Caserta: Participation in 012 Factory initiative on Business Management. CEO Giovanni Caturano gives a speech showing SpinVector's values, vision and strategic management.

25th October 2014

Milan: CEO Giovanni Caturano attends as keynote speaker the 2014 Italian Game Developer Summit - IGDS in the presence of  italian and international developers, creatives and designers.

15th October 2014

Salerno: SpinVector takes part in Campania Start Up event as an innovator, in the precence of the Mayor of Salerno, Vincenzo De Luca, start-ups, investors and media.

18th September 2014

Herculaneum: Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector gives a speech during the “Festival della Memoria” held at MAV (Archaeological Virtual Museum of Herculaneum).

June 2014

Party Tennis, the upcoming SpinVector mobile game funded for € 120,000.00 by the Creative Europe Media Programme.

Immersive environments
"Magic consists in working hard
to let a dream become reality"
We create different immersive environments by combining amazing 3D content with revolutionary technology. Experience augmented and virtual reality in new ways. See, hear, feel perceptual stimuli surrounding you. Embrace new dimensions of advanced computer graphics and interact with synchronized streams of light, sound and vibrations.
Virtual has never been so real
See yourself in a virtual world that interacts with you and other users in real time. Experience the perfect blend of digital and material. Augmented Reality feels just real.
Crescendo of natural effects
Awarded large MultiProjection Technology supporting up to 360°: The audience is set in the middle of the action while objects pop up floating close from the scene. The most immersive cinematic experience ever.
Solid immagination
Have a look through our AR Binoculars to see virtual elements blending into the augmented landscape around you. See the world as it appeared long time ago and leap through time for the ultimate touristic and archaeological experience.
Be unique and inimitable
SpinVector technologies provide maximum flexibility and customizability. Dreamt up for Entertainment, Immersive Environments make the most out of a broad range of different fields: contact us and let’s discover how our technology can embrace your vision.
The heart of our process is the drive to innovate, the ambition to upgrade and the passion to invent, exploring undiscovered fields like tireless pioneers.
Video games
Play with us
Video Games provide rewards that reality doesn’t. They teach, inspire and engage in ways that reality can’t. Thousands of awesome reviews and seven international awards are the prize for our endeavor. Disruptive ideas, trailblazing technologies and breathtaking visuals are the fuel thrusting our games towards the ultimate challenge: your fun.
Party party!
Minigames, Action, Multiplayer
The world’s first mobile party game that gathers friends and lets them play together, even without an Internet connection! Fun mini games, super-simple gameplay. More than 300,000 characters to build and enjoy in this award-winning game! Fee-fee, Too-too, Uh-uh, Goo-goo!
From Cheese
Puzzle game
Twist your mind, challenge your skills, grab the cheese! Draw a scent-trail FROM CHEESE to Mouse to let him follow the path and grab the beloved food while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Lateral thinking and reverse logic are the talent you’ll master in this Grand-Prize winning game!
Board game, Multiplayer
The world’s bestselling Spaghetti-Western game goes digital with multicross platform multiplayer. Winner of multiple awards, among which the “Best App Ever Award in 2011”, BANG! brings unprecedented dynamics to the world of card games.
Awesome graphics and ultra-smooth action beat the fastest pace in this sci-fi racer. Push your shape-shifting hovering vehicle through futuristic tracks; collect the orbs, use them to boost and unveil the hidden plots of an evil corporation. 71 events, 16 tracks, 3 game modes.
The fabulous adventures of Ciro: the cutest puppy dinosaur ever! Explore the Cretaceous in a fascinating search for the eggs of Ciro’s siblings, collect food and get ready to boost! Ready fun and worthwhile engagement: a journey back in time for the whole family.
More than one million copies worldwide
SpinVector technologies provide maximum flexibility and customizability. Dreamt up for Entertainment, Immersive Environments make the most out of a broad range of different fields: contact us and let’s discover how our technology can embrace your vision.
Life-size games
“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”
Engage through natural interaction
One fits all
Life-Size Games animate the event injecting fresh enthusiasm, energy and team spirit. Attendees break the ice, network and leave the event impressed, smiling and spreading the word. The game style and the nature of interaction fit everyone.
Interaction is everything. We use all our talents to develop 3D technologies and content that let people feel, participate and be engaged. That’s the SpinVector experience: taking the show from the stage to the audience, uniting people through shared and immersive experiences and reinventing environments where every single person plays a role.
Passion, play and technology converge
Eager to develop worldwide-distributed games for smartphones, tablets and consoles, we apply the full potential of gaming and 3D technology to create Immersive and Augmented environments for Global Businesses and Institutions.
The team
More than passion
The repeated commercial successes are always the effect of a close-knit, expert and efficient team. At SpinVector we plan the tasks, go straight to the goals and finally celebrate together the results.
Success and Achievements
We are delighted to be at the top of the most awarded Italian videogame companies. We have received prizes for almost $500’000 so far: a confirmation that we are on the right track and gives us an extra thrust of inspiration and motivation.
“SpinVector met our need: the equipment was installed, worked and performed as promised. We were extremely happy with the results.”
(Rick Rinderle, Project Manager, Novartis)
Exceeding Expectations
No matter what industry, we provide the tools and the expertise needed for today’s brands and institutions to empower their value proposition and make their customers’ experience truly immersive and definitely unforgettable.