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SpinVector is the multi-awarded Italian company that creates innovation at the boundaries of material and virtual. Videogames, AR Holograms and 3D Cinema are only some of the experiences that SpinVector creates for national and international clients.

PARTY PARTY wins Samsung's $100'000 Prize!

SpinVector tops $480'000 in awards by getting "Party Party" 2nd in Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013. The $100'000,00-worth award is the 10th received by SpinVector in the last three years. Previous awards where for From Cheese and BANG!. SpinVector's new game is available through Samsung Apps and an exclusive S Pen version is also available.

The Best Practices 2012 awards SpinVector for the installation created for the M.A.V., the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculanaeum. The attraction consists in a 3D projection of the eruption of the Vesuvius of A.D. 79, entirely developed by SpinVector and presented on a 26-meter screen that surrounds the audience immersively.

Latest News:

12/18/2013 SpinVector gets new, $100'000-worth prize in Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for the new game: Party Party. With this tenth award, SpinVector's tops $480'000 in prizes. Read the [Press Release].
11/16/2013 In two years, over 150'000 visitors have watched SpinVector's installation at MAV. Our congratulations to the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum for this great result!
11/25/2012 From Cheese now available for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, universal version) and Android (touch smartphones and tablets).
11/16/2012 SpinVector awarded at the 2012 Orientagiovani Event for innovation in Immersive Environments and Interaction
11/14/2012 SpinVector awarded the Grand Prize in Samsung's Smart Apps Challenge; the 200K$ prize has been assigned for "From Cheese", SpinVector's newest game, developed for the Samsung Note series and soon available on more devices